Patch Cord U/UTP Cat6 2m Furukawa

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Exceeds the limits established in the standards for CAT.6/Classe E
Guaranteed channel performance up to 6 connections and channel lenght
up to 100 meters;
Supports IEEE 802.3, 1000 Base T, 1000 Base TX, EIA/TIA-854, ANSI-EIA/TIA-862,
ATM, Video, Building Automation Systems and all previous LAN protocols;
According to IEC 60603-7;
Colored injected thermoplastic protective covers (“boot”) to prevent “fatigue
in the cable” in the connection and moves and to prevent accidental
disconnection. This protective layer has the same dimensional of a RJ45 plug
and its structure prevents pinching on the plug lock ;
RJ-45 with dual clutches that provide the link with the veins of electrical
Guarantee ZERO BIT ERROR in Fast and Gigabit Ethernet;
100% assembled and tested at the factory.

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