Cable Fibra Drop Flat – 2F SM Maintronics

SKU: FO0.001.DRO.100

• Special low-bend-sensitivity
fiber provides high bandwidth
and excellent communication
transmission property
• Two parallel strength members
ensure good performance of crush
resistance to protect the fiber.
• Simple structure, light weight and
high practicability.
• Novel flute design, easily strip and
splice, simplify the installation and
• Single steel wire as the additional
strength member ensures good
performance of tensile strength.

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Características Principales
With increasing popularity and promotion of FTTH construction, drop cable build on
G657A1,A2 fiber core begin widely used in corridor, household envirment. Ad one entering
fiber optic cable, drop cable is suitable for applicatin of outdoor to indoor connection and
termianl installtin requiring smaller cable bending.

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